Rice spoon Bistrot teak , Teak

With the Bistrot collection, we were inspired by some of our favourite places: restaurants, terraces and cafés. When designing this cutlery we wanted to faithfully capture the atmosphere while adding a modern touch: the styling is simple, the rivets are visible, while the colours and materials stand out nicely. From red to blue, not forgetting the superb materials with horn or tortoise effects. Available with gloss or vintage finishes, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this collection, which is designed to be both traditional and contemporary at the same time. Thanks to its generous and deep design, the rice spoon is ideal for serving rice of course, but also all types of accompaniments such as potatoes and vegetables, etc. This is the cutlery item you’ll never want to be without once you have one.


shiny Vintage


10 " 1/4

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Stainless steel 18/10


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Vary the materials and let your table reflect your personality! Buffalo, horn, tortoiseshell, teak, black dune, ivory dune: which will you choose?

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  1. 24 pieces set - Bistrot teak - Teak
    24 pieces set
    Bistrot teak, Teak
  2. Serving set - Bistrot teak - Teak
    Serving set
    Bistrot teak, Teak
  3. Soup spoon - Bistrot teak - Teak
    Soup spoon
    Bistrot teak, Teak
  4. Dinner knife - Bistrot teak - Teak
    Dinner knife
    Bistrot teak, Teak
  5. Teaspoon - Bistrot teak - Teak
    Bistrot teak, Teak
  6. Dinner fork - Bistrot teak - Teak
    Dinner fork
    Bistrot teak, Teak
  7. Butter spreader - Bistrot teak - Teak
    Butter spreader
    Bistrot teak, Teak
  8. small fork - Bistrot teak - Teak
    small fork
    Bistrot teak, Teak
  9. Cheese knives - Bistrot teak - Teak
    Cheese knives
    Bistrot teak, Teak
  10. Set of 4 pieces - Bistrot teak - Teak
    Set of 4 pieces
    Bistrot teak, Teak
  11. salad fork - Bistrot teak - Teak
    salad fork
    Bistrot teak, Teak
  12. tart slicer - Bistrot teak - Teak
    tart slicer
    Bistrot teak, Teak
  13. 5 pieces set - Bistrot teak - Teak
    5 pieces set
    Bistrot teak, Teak

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