Set of 4 must-have serving pieces Panda , Dark bamboo

With its genuine bamboo handle and its finely crafted styling, the PANDA model certainly stands out. Some of you may experience a blast from the past, thinking of the housekeeper you often saw at your grandmother’s house, while for others this cutlery will conjure up an image of exotic and faraway lands. In any case, we guarantee that the PANDA cutlery set will blend in with all styles, whether on a minimalistic table for a warm modern feel or more classical tables with your attractive antique crockery. This set is composed of 4 must-have serving pieces for all your daily meals. It includes serving cutlery (fork and spoon), a large cheese knife and a cutting pie server with a sharp blade to cut and serve all your dishes. This set is the essential complement to your cutlery!



Stainless steel 18/10 - Real bamboo handle


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The genuine bamboo handle makes every item unique! As unique as your table.

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  1. 24 pieces set - Panda - Dark bamboo
    24 pieces set
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  2. Serving set - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Serving set
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  3. Carving set - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Carving set
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  4. Kitchen knife - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Kitchen knife
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  5. Serving spoon - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Serving spoon
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  6. Aperitif set - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Aperitif set
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  7. Salad set - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Salad set
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  8. 5 pieces set - Panda - Dark bamboo
    5 pieces set
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  9. Peeler - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  10. tart slicer - Panda - Dark bamboo
    tart slicer
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  11. Cocktail fork - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Cocktail fork
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  12. Dessert spoon - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Dessert spoon
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  13. Dessert knife - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Dessert knife
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  14. Serrated Dinner knife Blade - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Serrated Dinner knife Blade
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  15. Bottle opener - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Bottle opener
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  16. Steack knife - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Steack knife
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  17. Soup spoon - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Soup spoon
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  18. Teaspoon - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  19. Cheese knives - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Cheese knives
    Panda, Dark bamboo
  20. Gravy ladle - Panda - Dark bamboo
    Gravy ladle
    Panda, Dark bamboo
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