Heading for the seaside style !

Do you see the sails unfurling on your great escape ? After these hectic months, we would all like to embark on a distant destination. Heading for the seaside style, a wind of escape blows on your table with Sabre cutlery ! 

For the pleasure of getting away but most importantly for the pleasure of your eyes, sail off and discover our selection of seaside-style flatware !

Soon : St-Malo model. The seaside style drop anchor on your table with the new St-Malo model. Coming soon on www.sabre.fr 

Vary the materials and let your table reflect  your personality with Bistrot Dune Ivory.

Navy blue, off-white, stripes and the Bistrot teak design : we're fishing for good ideas of a decoration that smells like sea and holidays !

You'll be on holiday without having to leave your home !

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