The book guides children in the discovery of the world, helps them to express their emotions and to grow up. Petit Sabre x Miffy is the desire to bring with color and good humor, children to these moments of awakening and learning by leaving room for their imagination. From this common value was born this collaboration Miffy x Petit Sabre.

Little forks, little knives and little spoons in bright colors make the Miffy x Petit Sabre collab. All presented in a case specially designed for the occasion that invites the young and old to enter the wonderful world of Miffy and the joyful world of Petit Sabre.


Born in 1927 in the Netherlands into a family of publishers, Dick Bruna was immediately considered by his father as his natural successor. But Dick Bruna chose to create, read and paint. After the World War II, he decides to discover London and Paris. In Paris with the publisher Plon, Dick Bruna learned about the work of Braque, Picasso, Matisse and Léger. It was at this time that he began his pictorial experiments in which the omission of details became a principle. It is the work of Matisse that most definitely influences Dick Bruna's work.

“The most important thing is to reduce everything to its essence. No line is redundant. Every shape calls for imagination, and I leave enough space for the reader's imagination. That is the power of simplicity: the art of omission.”

— Dick Bruna


One summer, Dick and his family saw rabbits running around every day. The artist began to create a story about a rabbit for his children. In 1955, he imagined her silhouette: Miffy was born.  

Since that day, Miffy has become an iconic character and the original books are still recognizable by their twelve drawings, twelve pages, four rhyming lines, all connected with a square hardboard cover.

“I create a world that children feed from their own imagination. "Dick Bruna”

— Dick Bruna

With Miffy he begins to work more and more with primary colors (green, red, blue and yellow) for narrative clarity and gender neutrality. In all his works Dick Bruna was very concerned about leaving room to the imagination of children.

Clear lines, a minimal palette and the search for the purest form for maximum effect make Dick Bruna's work a must-see.

The shape of Miffy has evolved, but you'll notice that all the characters are still looking at you in the eyes!

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