Is it in your nature to shake things up? With dynamic colours, bold prints and imaginative design surrounding your plate, you're bound to be in a good mood at mealtimes. With the "Pop" collection, give rhythm to your style!

A little colour, a lot of fun

It’s swinging in the kitchen! Who wouldn’t want to turn it up a little in their home, with a collection that adds a whole lot of pop, sizzle and splash? Pop by Sabre is right up your street.
Crank up the fun and fantasy around your table!

Try retro and you won’t go back!

Life, energy!

In a rustic or modern interior, within a refined atmosphere or rather loaded with all the objects of your travels, there is always a place for Pop cutlery. Whether the color is bright or the handle printed with polka dots, it is an uninhibited vision of tableware that comes to yours!


Freshness and colour on your table.

Bring a little Pop fun into your home.

  1. tart slicer - Gingham - Yellow
  2. 24 pieces set - Tulipe - Pink

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