Sabre, a stab in the back of traditional table arts! Cheerfulness, fantasy and a dash of audacity are invited to all your meals.

Sabre considers the dining table to be the largest social network in the world! Indeed, what could be better than sharing a delicious meal with family or friends? And to make these moments unforgettable every time, add colour, good humour, chic style, elegance and fantasy to your table. Everything is allowed and everything is possible with Sabre.

The only colours that matter are the ones you love.

Have you heard of "Mix & Match"? The beauty of creating your own combinations! Traditional French blue forks, exotic-looking bamboo knives, teaspoons in an ultra-modern material with a gingham handle or a whole range of polka dots... The only colour code that matters is yours.

Your bold style and creativity have finally found the tableware that suits them. Create your own style by combining different shapes, chic, elegant or offbeat patterns and opting for a mix of bright, luminous or natural colours. The best table is the one that reflects who you are so break with convention and dare to be different.

With a palette of over 20 colours, Sabre adds more than just a dash of fantasy to your table. Colour - whether sparkling, classic, fresh, contemporary or metallic - reflects your state of mind, your mood, your desires. Colour is at the heart of Sabre's creative process. The hardest part? Choosing between red, blue, green, yellow, brown, white or black.

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