Soup spoon, dessert spoon, teaspoon or even mocha spoon, dedicated to the tasting of various and varied dishes, find yours to complete your table service. Sabre spoons are available in all collections and will bring joy and good humour to your table!

Soup spoon

22 cm

Dessert spoon

19 cm


16 cm

Mocha spoon

14 cm & 10 cm

Soup spoon

the generous Sabre tablespoon is very pleasant to enjoy delicious soups. The Sabre soup spoon is available in all collections, in several materials, patterns and colors.

— Size 22cm

Dessert spoon

Small spoons or dessert spoons ? That is the question!

Often confused with the teaspoon, the dessert spoon will complete your cutlery set. The dessert spoon is larger than the teaspoon and is useful for breakfast or dessert.

— Size 19cm


The teaspoon is the accessory that you always need, a true daily ally, it is part of the basic service composed of essential pieces such as the knife, the table fork and the soup spoon.

— Size 16cm

14 cm printed Pop and Liberty models.

Mocha spoon

the mocha spoon is perfect for small coffee cups, it will complete your table service. It is the ideal flatware for your gourmet coffees. The Sabre mocha spoon is available in several collections, colors and patterns.

10.5 cm: Marius and Honorine models.

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